Project Teams

Every HGC project is assigned a Project Team to ensure our clients receive the BEST coordination, collaboration and communication.

Our unique approach

Our unique approach to project management through the use of project teams provides you with the best outcome by ensuring communication comes from the most qualified individual - every step of the way.

Your questions are addressed quickly and accurately by the right person on the team. It also leads to solution-driven management by combining critical thinking with effective internal communication. Lastly, a project team approach ensures accountability through checks and balances.

All of this means the process is seamless, efficient, and effective. After all, best is standard.

  • Effective Internal & External Communication
  • Critical Thinking and Solution Driven Management
  • Checks and Balances
  • Accountability
  • Teamwork

All our projects are assigned a Devoted team

Project Executive

Negotiates, approves, and signs job contracts. Available for executive oversight.

Project Manager

Your primary contact. Works hand-in-hand with the client, monitors project quantities and costs, ensures all purchase orders are submitted, establishes PPS, and maintains the job schedule


On the jobsite directing job progression on a daily level.

Project administrator

Responsible for all proper documentation, manages reports, ensures the latest plans are available to all team members, and helps with extras as needed.


Creates original bid and works with clients and PM’s on pricing for revisions and extra work.

General Superintendent

Oversees all grading on the job. Executes PPS and ensures work is being completed to company standards.

general Utility Superintendent

Oversees all utilities work on the job. Executes PPS and ensures work is being completed to company standards.

Utility Superintendent

On the jobsite directing utility job progression on a daily level

Trade Partners

Approved Suppliers, Vendors, & Subcontractors which satisfied the HGC Prequalification Process proving they adhere to our company core values and standards.


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