At Hoopaugh Grading, employees feel ENCOURAGED and EMPOWERED to report safety concerns and make suggestions to correct them.

safety by the numbers


World Class EMR

4 Million

Working Hours w/out a Lost Time accident


OSHA Certified Construction Trainers on staff


Our employee led Safety Steering Committee introduced a new safety program in 2018 called HGC Empowered with a mission "to develop and stabilize a solid foundation of safety.” EVERY employee is EMPOWERED to report safety concerns and be ACCOUNTABLE to their fellow employees for suggesting an alternative action.

Safety Training

At our company headquarters, HGC employees have access to industry-leading training led by our experienced safety director. HGC training combines best practices from the construction industry with all local, regional, state and federal requirements to ensure that employees are equipped to handle safety concerns before they arrive on the jobsite.

Safety Awards

2014 - Became a National Safety Council Member
2017 - Presented the National Archway Risk Control Award of Excellence
2018 - Presented the National Archway Risk Control Award of Excellence


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Our projects are building the Carolinas - and beyond - one project at a time. We bring the best of the best to each and every site - equipment, people, and planning. Our team is dedicated to completing site work on time, on budget, and above expectations. That’s why best is standard for Hoopaugh Grading Company.

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