Shop & Maintenance

Your project won’t stop because our equipment doesn’t

Extensive equipment repairs and downtime can have a significant impact on project schedules and productivity. At Hoopaugh Grading Company, we have dedicated resources for all types of services and repairs, ensuring that your job doesn’t stop. With our state of the art shop, diagnostic tools, in-house certified mechanics and our committed trade partners we are able to take a proactive approach to managing our fleet.

HGC Shop and Maintenance Program


Dedicated in-house resources to handle everything from a comprehensive maintenance program to a full rebuild.


In addition to employing some of the industry’s top certified mechanics, we also maintain certified technicians from our equipment dealers on site to ensure that we have all hands on deck and the required expertise when a problem arises.

Response Time

Real-time dispatch systems and mobile service technicians allow us to offer our clients industry leading response time.


Our team works around project schedules to perform preventative and required repairs on the job.

Fuel Trucks

By maintaining a sophisticated mobile fuel and lube fleet, our clients aren’t burdened with the liability or environmental concerns of maintaining fuel on the job.


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Building In The Carolinas

Our projects are building the Carolinas - and beyond - one project at a time. We bring the best of the best to each and every site - equipment, people, and planning. Our team is dedicated to completing site work on time, on budget, and above expectations. That’s why best is standard for Hoopaugh Grading Company.

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